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Take a look below to see what the professionals and media say about Lallapolosa Baking Company.


The Amazing Blog

“If the gang at The Amazing Blog had to choose one day of pure joy and delight at the office, that would be the day when Lallapolosa Baking Company's goodies came through the door. Two weeks have passed since the last brownie was gone, and we sweet-toothed girls still talk about "the best brownies that we've ever eaten."

“The Lallapolosa Salted Caramel Pecan Dreams Brownie has made us dismiss the rest of the brownies we've had - you definitely have to try Lallapolosa's treats they are nothing short of spectacular!”

“The Salted Caramel Pecan Dreams Brownie is the signature brownie by Lallapolosa - the balanced mixture of pecans, chocolate, caramel and fleur de sel left us literally speechless. These brownies are chunky, moist, very tasty, sweet and salty at the same time - they're spectacular; just as the company's name suggests, Lallapolosa means "something exceptional of its kind". Lallapolosa's packaging is impeccable too - a nice, light pink and heavy box with dark brown details.”


Love Food Love Drink  

“It's not often that we are left utterly speechless, but the box of treats we received from Lallapolosa Baking Company did just that.  Salted Caramel Pecan Dreams Brownies could possibly be the most perfect food ever - nutty, salty, sweet, crunchy, moist, chewy and a host of other drool-worthy adjectives all in one small and perfectly formed cake.” 

“Move onto the Florentines and you will quite possibly find yourself in a genuine indulgence induced coma.  Made with orange scented chewy candy peel, toasted almonds and dipped in couveture milk chocolate, these stunning discs of heavenly goodness were also recently awarded 3-Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2012. With a host of other goodies to choose from, the husband and wife team behind Lallapolosa may have just created the most important website on the internet! “


Mostly About Chocolate

 “Wow… wow… wow…If you need to say “thank you” to someone, if you want something picture perfect, I and my office were blown away by these brownies.”

“The brownies are perfect. From the perfectly even top with no sinking of the brownie at all, to the perfect crust, through the moist interior, to the perfect bite-sizes pieces. The brownies are thick and yet not too dense.  Just look at the chocolaty goodness with chunks of chocolate through the whole box.”

“It is just so perfect as a gift for any reason – birthday, thank you, anniversary… I’d love to have an anniversary party with a brownie tower made of these brownies! They are so strikingly perfect that I can’t imagine when not to gift them!”


Food Heaven

“The coveted Great Taste Award 3-Star accolade is particularly exclusive and was presented to only 120 of 8,800 entrants in 2012.  An incredible achievement for any company, but all the more thrilling for such a young and upcoming business”



"Lallapolosa make an extensive range of brownies, cakes, cookies & confections.  They come in huge boxes that look beautiful. Tied with a ribbon and wrapped in tissue paper, they just feel like a quality, handmade gift.  But the wow factor doesn't really hit you until you lift the lid and peel back the paper inside."



Lallapolosa Florentines

Great Taste Award 2012 - Awarded 3 Gold Stars

Judges comments

“Truly delicious. Quality chocolate, nice fresh nuts and fruit, well coated with the chocolate. Sour cherries are a great counterpoint to the sweetness.”


Lallapolosa Cake Suzette

Great Taste Award 2012 - Awarded 2 Gold Stars

Judges comments

“Delightfully moist .The orange glaze was particularly delicious.Attractive looking bundt cake with a beautiful surface.”


Lallapolosa Vanilla Buttercup Cake

Great Taste Award 2012 - Awarded 2 Gold Stars

Judges comments

“Hints of Madeira cake with just the right amount of icing, wonderful in its simplicity.Shape is cool.Very lovely and light”